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America is seemingly in decline. Our values are under constant attack and our youngest generations are
being taught that America is evil, racist and in need of reform. Young Americans are no longer proud of
their own country. They support socialism, and even communism, over capitalism in larger and larger
numbers. They are taught the dogmas of climate change, white privilege, toxic masculinity, gender
identity and social justice which blame capitalism and America for virtually all of the world’s problems.
They no longer value free speech or diversity of thought but instead embrace the current cancel culture
and endorse radical political correctness. Why?

What has happened to Americas millennials? Why are their values so different than previous

Clearly our education system plays a large role. Higher education especially, but even K-12, has become completely infiltrated by radical leftists, many of whom openly identify themselves as communists. Beginning at a very young age children are dutifully taught in school the modern dogma of the radical left without any diversity of opposing views whatsoever. They are taught to shout down anyone they disagree with rather than engage them in discourse or debate.

The problem isn’t simply with our compromised education system however. We believe our popular
culture, influenced by our entertainment industries and tech monopolies plays an even larger role than
the corrosive educational environment. Would ideological teachings from school really take hold if not
for the total conformity and lack of opposition from our music industry or traditional and social media
including television and movies?

If traditional American values, the constitution and the bill of rights are to be preserved and defended we believe the most effective way to fight is to impact popular culture via entertainment vehicles. Our
mission is to produce entertaining feature films that go against the monolithic leftist views advocated by Hollywood and our corrupt corporate media. Our mission is to expose the dogma with very simple logic, to reveal leftist propaganda by way of entertainment. Our mission is simply to fight for our country by influencing our pop culture with fun, entertaining and uplifting movies.

Please contribute to our effort and help support us.

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