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"Big Tex"

A silicon valley company flees California for Dallas Texas and replaces half of its workforce with Texans
while the other half are relocated to Dallas. Liberal culture clashes with traditional logic around the
office. Having never been exposed to an opposing view the higher-ups from California are frustrated
when challenged and dismayed when some of the “cowboys” actually are really good at their jobs as
business actually improves dramatically.

"Fool's Gold"

A young professional couple is struggling financially trying to start a new life together while under the
huge burden of school loans. An argument always ensues when she frequently gives to panhandlers at
virtually every intersection. A chance encounter with a vaguely familiar professional looking man at a
bar reveals that he is actually one of the panhandlers his girl has donated to. It turns out that he is a
very successful professional panhandler and scammer of government programs and begins to teach our
young hero the ropes of the “game”.

"Snowflakes Inc"

A group of long-lost buddies reunite at a 20 year high school class reunion. One of them has become
extremely successful and wealthy and after several drinks agrees to fund a new startup business they all
tossed around back in the day. However when they begin to start interviewing recent college graduates
it becomes very clear that hiring competent people is going to prove to be very challenging.

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