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Patriotic Americans often demonstrate their support for the constitution and the bill of rights by contributing to political campaigns, ourselves included. While contributing to a startup film production company may not seem to be nearly as wise of a use of your capital, there are many other ways you can support us.

The most difficult task in producing a low budget film is securing the locations to film in.  Do you own a business with a space we could use?  Be it an office space, restaurant or bar, entertainment center or really anywhere, offering it to us to use for filming would be a huge help.  Perhaps you own a nice home, or a boat, RV, aircraft or a cool car.  All of these types of assets help us to increase the production value of our film and it allows us to tell better stories on a very tight budget.


Would your business be willing to contribute some product or service to our production?  Even something as simple as snacks and beverages really would help us.  Are you willing to volunteer your time or are you interested in acting in one of our films?  If so please reach out to us.

If you are willing to contribute to us financially, we will definitely put your donation to good and efficient
use. While our focus at first is to produce very low budget films, there is absolutely nothing but money
that prevents us from producing a bigger budget traditional film complete with A list movie stars.

Please reach out to Troy if you are willing to help us in any way.  Call, text or email anytime.

Troy Bakewell

651 329 3615

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