Patriotic Americans often demonstrate their support for the constitution and the bill of rights by contributing to political campaigns, ourselves included. While contributing to a startup film production company may not seem to be nearly as wise of a use of your capital, there are many other ways you can support us.

Would you be willing to donate your services? Do you own a business that would be willing to donate some product to our production, such as snacks or beverages? Do you have access to a location that
could be used in one of our films, such as a home, or a local business or office space? Are you willing to donate your time to help with production? Anything and everything helps us tremendously and will be greatly appreciated.


If you are willing to contribute to us financially, we will definitely put your donation to good and efficient
use. While our focus at first is to produce very low budget films, there is absolutely nothing but money
that prevents us from producing a bigger budget traditional film complete with A list movie stars.

Please reach out if you are willing to contribute to our productions in any way!